VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

So what is VoIP? VoIP uses the internet for your phone calls, nothing more, nothing less. The two main advantages of VoIP are much lower cost and higher voice quality. The 3 DigiCinco VoIP Packages are inexpensive because of a one time installation fee and they are hosted 'in the Cloud', so you have no hardware to buy. Our technology can reduce costs up to 60% of your existing phone service. The DigiCinco VoIP system offers many popular phone system features for free. Our turnkey packages come complete with pre-programmed conventional desk phones. We offer different custom calling plans or ‘virtual phone numbers’ in different locations and countries.  

DigiCinco VoIP


In today's world we use the internet for almost everything. So why not get your Telecom infrastructure into the 21st century as well?   DigiCinco can offer you a better, cost efficient and reliable alternative to regular phone systems. We can offer you several VoIP Telecom packages that can help you reduce cost and become more efficient with your communications.

Quality and lower cost

Today the internet is being used for everything: data, video and even voice.  This means that even without you knowing it, your existing phone calls may already be using the internet as their main technology.

At DigiCinco, we understand that call quality is a must, but we also realize that you need to be cost conscious.  By using a high quality cloud (internet) based solution, we can on average lower your phone bill by 40-60%, while also improving the voice quality. 

Desk and mobile phones

Switching to a new technology that uses the internet does not mean you have to use a computer or speakers to make phone calls over the internet.

DigiCinco provides turnkey Telecom solutions, with a choice of  'plug and play' desk phones. This means you can just plug them in and start using them right away.
You can also use your phone system while away from the office on your mobile phone, getting the same quality and low rates that you will have in the office.

Features and Expansion

All DigiCinco VoIP solutions include a cloud based phone system (PBX), where you have most of the important calling features available to you.  

Some examples are call hold, conference calls, internal transfer, voice menus, etc. We can easily add additional extensions.

Growing internationally?  We even offer virtual phone numbers in many locations around the world. You can receive all calls on the same desk- or mobile phone.

"You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology
- not the other way around. "
- Steve Jobs

Why does your business need VoIP?

Number one is saving money. DigiCinco VoIP offers cheaper calls than traditional landlines. With our VoIP, you can call for free from one VoIP number to another VoIP number. This means that there is no cost for internal calls between offices, phone extensions, or other VoIP users. This is incredibly cost saving if your business has offices in more than one location/ country.
Also if you call internationally VoIP offers you the best cost-saving rates.

You might be thinking, but I use WhatsApp/Facetime to call internationally, why would VoIP be any better?
Have you ever considered what happens when you do not pick up when a client calls you on WhatsApp/ Facetime? You get a missed call and your client did not get to talk to you when they needed you.
With VoIP, the call is redirected to another phone or even your mobile and your clients can always talk to someone when they need to. It is also possible for them to leave a voicemail. Of course it is more professional when clients can call a direct number without having to install an App first! WhatsApp/Facetime is great to use with family and friends

DigiCinco sets up the VoIP phone system for you in your office. It is also possible to do this remotely and send you the phones. No difficult technical know-how is required by the business (owner.) Your VoIP phones will be delivered pre-configured and ready to use by simply plugging them in. The only thing you need is a high-speed internet connection. Looking at the future growth of your company, VoIP infrastructures are highly flexible, this means we can easily add more phones or lines when needed.  

Traditional phone infrastructures are expensive to maintain. VoIP uses software rather than hardware, this means it can easily be maintained and modified without any need for expensive equipment. You just need to be sure your bandwidth and internet speed are fast enough to support the service. 

The DigiCinco VoIP phone system is available to you anywhere in the world. Using any good internet connection, you can log into your own VoIP phone (number) with an app on your mobile phone and be connected just like you would be at the office. This means increased productivity for your business. Without additional charges. 

One of the more interesting benefits of VoIP is that you can have a single call ring to your desk phone for the first few rings, then to another office phone and then to your mobile phone if the call goes unanswered.
This way all calls are answered and you never miss an important call from a client. 

Many believe that when a business finds itself on an unfortunate day without an internet connection they are without a phone and clients cannot reach them.
One of the benefits of VoIP is flexibility. In the event of no internet connection or power outages, calls can always be forwarded to mobile phones and other devices. This means your business is not losing any clients and you can continue as a normal workday. 

DigiCinco VoIP

Chances are, you have already used some form of VoIP or internet phone service.
Ever used Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts or Facetime? - then you were experiencing the power of Voice over IP (VoIP).

Let's take a look at the advantages that switching to DigiCinco VoIP has for your business. 


VoIP Starter Package

Our cloud Telecom solution for entrepreneurs and small companies.
This is the best package if you are an entrepreneur, or you need a maximum of 4 extensions for your office.  

This setup provides you with a one time setup fee per phone/extension, and the possibility to choose from several phone models, and a variety of calling packages, depending on the countries you may need to call every month.

It includes up to 2 different incoming phone numbers/lines, an option to create different voice menus,  including call minutes to many different countries, and free incoming calls

Let's talk about it without any obligation.

DigiCinco Starter VoIP

VoIP Advanced Package

Our cloud Telecom solution for small to medium sized companies. 
This is the best package if you are expanding and you are looking for a maximum of 10 extensions for your office.

This setup provides you with a one time setup fee per phone/extension, and the possibility to choose from several phone models, and a variety of calling packages, depending on the countries you may need to call every month.

It includes up to 5 different incoming phone numbers/lines, an option to create different voice menus, including call minutes to many different countries, and free incoming calls.

Let's talk about it without any obligation. 

DigiCinco Advanced

VoIP Premium Package 

Our custom Telecom solution for any size of company. This is the best package if you are expanding and generally if you are looking for more than 10 extensions for your office.

We can create several incoming virtual phone numbers for you, in different countries/cities.

Basically this option will grow with you and can be adapted to your needs.

Endless possibilities for your company. Get in touch with us to talk about your needs. Together we can make it happen.

DigiCinco Premium

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