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With your business in mind, we offer a selection of 3 VoIP packages all depending on the size of your team. These are turnkey packages with pre-programmed desk phones, so all you have to do is plug in the phones at your office.

Our Website Services consist of Web Design & Development, Maintenance, Hosting and Support. You can choose from 3 Web Design Packages. Ranging from a Starter website for a smaller business to a Premium website with endless possibilities.

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Website Services

We offer an affordable approach to webdesign for small business owners and the self employed.

We have 3 Webdesign packages that are made to match your business needs and budget. Ranging from one page websites to full e-Commerce websites

These packages offer all dynamic responsive websites that will work on a computer, tablet and mobile phone.

We design logos and marketing materials like flyers, business cards, etc. We can create a "house style" for your business.

We also offer different hosting packages for your new website at very competitive prices. 

DigiCinco VoIP Webdesign

VoIP (Voice over IP)

Would you like to reduce your ever rising Telecom expenses, without sacrificing your options or quality?

DigiCinco is partnering with a major company to offer you High Quality Telecom Solutions, with rates that are often 40-60% lower than regular telephone companies.

We also feel that you should not have to sacrifice quality or comfort from your current setup. We therefore offer turnkey packages with pre-programmed desk phones, so all you have to do is plug in the phones at your office.

Today, we use the internet to communicate. This means DigiCinco can offer you a better, cheaper, and more reliable complete telecom system at a fraction of the cost. 



EMTO Partnership is a container sales and leasing company, with a new office in Valencia.

In order to manage their growth and their increasing international telecom expenses, DigiCinco installed a cloud Phone System (PBX), with individual desk phones in their offices, dramatically reducing their telecom expenses and increasing their overall communication speed and efficiency. 

Ramos Language Services is a translation agency that provides Spanish & English linguistic and cultural expertise.

Their old website had been created over 15 years ago. After analysis and consultation with the client, we refreshed their style and logo and completely redesigned their website into a responsive, contemporary website, while keeping the identity of the client in mind when re-designing her website. 

Loft by Lieu is a rental property in Southern France.

As an expansion to their rental property with a new Loft our client needed a premium website. The purpose was to showcase their new Loft with all its features, rooms and pool. The client requested a website with many pictures of the property and surroundings.
The result is a very visual site that attracts clients from all over the world for them. 

Our Team

Albert is our VoIP & Web Specialist
Marlene is our Webdesigner 

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